The RAW1000 Report: An Emotional Night, Two Daredevil Divas And A Wedding… Or Proposal To Remember!


Finally… the time has come – and while a new era begins – Its the historic, monumental 1000th episode of the flagship show Monday Night RAW and what a day it has been. Not only was this night amazing, but it was purely TV gold that made its mark as the best RAW episode in ages. Tonights show left me at awe – I was amazed at how everything turned out to be and it was surely a day to remember and a day for some DIVALICIOUS glory, as we seen many surprises and old yet legendary faces come along the way which includes the beautiful Decade Diva’ Trish Stratus, the daredevil and enigmatic Diva’ Lita who returns to in-ring action after a 6 years and the simply amazing Stephanie McMahon proving that whatever she wants… she gets! Also, AJ Lee is set to exchange vows with YES’ing man Daniel Bryan in a rather unique wedding and the loveable Layla also gets the icing on the cake when she is featured in a backstage segment with bride’ AJ. So what you’re waiting for – lets get it on to the show! Woot 😀

The WWE Universe thought they were going to see a union of two kindred spirits in Daniel Bryan and AJ. But those nuptials were put on hold as the Diva instead accepted Mr. McMahon’s proposal, on behalf of the WWE executive board, to name AJ the new Raw General Manager. Yes!

During Raw’s colossal 1,000th episode, former four-time Women’s Champion Lita answered the challenge of Heath Slater. With an assist from the APA and a bevy of past competitors, the daredevil Diva defeated The One-Man Band’ Heath Slater. OMG it was amazing to see Lita back in the ring and boy… she still got it! 😀

Also, be sure to watch two backstage segments that will surely get your icing on the cake which the first featuring Trish Stratus speaking with several DX members, including Triple H about Yoga and the second with AJ and Layla, preparing for the wedding.


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