In Honour Of The Historic RAW1000′ – The Top 5 Divalicious RAW Moments

Its July 23rd 2012 and what does that mean – its the annual RAW1000. Woot! And as WWE celebrates its milestone 1,000th episode on USA Network, we @WWEDivaDesire have compiled a Top 5 Divalicious RAW Moment List and its surely something you cannot miss! But the question is… which Diva has etched their names in WWE history with historic matches and memorable moments – find out after the cut!

While Kelly Kelly’s Divas Championship win, Melina’s Women’s Championship win, Eve’s Heel Turn, AJ/Punk/Bryan Table fiasco and Stephanie McMahon branding herself as “The Bitch” filled the remaining 6-10 spots, here is our 5-1 Top Divalicious Moments – so go over and check it out now! Do you agree with the list? What are your thoughts? Be sure to comment here or over at Twitter!

#5 Mickie James Wins 4th Women’s Championship In London: Simply a great high-profile match between two talented and strong-willed women who proved that they are as impactful as their male counterparts. Mickie rolls up Beth for the title win and what a memorable night it was. Not only did Beth’s mean streak ended and Mickie proved many wrong but she sealed the deal with a kiss on Todd Grisham! Shocking right?! This also marked the first time the Women’s title being won in London.
#4 Trish Stratus Crashes Christy Hemme’s Playboy Cover Reveal: Good old Trish here. One of our personal favourites on this list – pure evil and amazingly heel Trish interrupts Christy’s Playboy unveiling. Not only did Trish get b*tch-slapped, but Christy got chick-kicked to the skull that went crashing down with the word “S-L-U-T” sprayed all over her. Poor Christy…
#3 Victoria Turns Heel In Legendary Swimsuit Contest: Witnessing many most extreme and amazing scenarios on RAW like this, Victoria tops the list at Number 3 for having the best heel turn known to man – or woman I should say. And hearing the old say; “once you’re on top – you can only go down” – well that happened to Victoria and this classic heel turn made her one of the most vicious and crazy chicks alive! 
#2 Trish Stratus Interrupts Lita’s Wedding: Don’t you love tantrums, surprises and catfights in a wedding! Well we witnessed that – and a visual of Trish Stratus in a sexy, white lingerie and Lita in her black wedding gown cat-fighting down the ring steps – classic! This is a RAW moment that will always be FLAW-LESS!
#1 Lita Wins 3rd Women’s Championship In Main Event: Isn’t it amazing to main-event on RAW. It sure is and for both Lita and Trish Stratus; two trailblazing and talented women to be given the trust and confidence to close the flagship show of Monday Night Raw is truly a testament in the history books. Not only was this win so memorable, but it marked the second time Lita won the title in the main event and also – the hard work of the Women’s Division as a whole.

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