Divas In Eye-Candy: Kelly, Kaitlyn, Rosa, Aksana – Red, Black & White Beauties

Hot Divas! Hot Weekend! Hot New Photoshoot! That’s right, its time for another Diva Focus weekend post. This week in eye-candy, four of WWE’s gorgeous Divas are featured: the sultry’ Aksana, the sexy’ Rosa Mendes, the beautiful’ Kaitlyn and the returning blonde beauty’ Kelly Kelly in their finest outfits, ready to rock the black, white and red all over! All the girls look absolutely stunning – be sure to see the full shoot now at WWE.com!

Lets begin with the judging… Miss Aksana is first – looking beautiful as ever in her red leather jacket and black pants. I have to say, she looks like a sultry she-devil, ready to wrap you around her finger. Next, is Rosa Mendes – sporting the black and white chick and posing like a true Diva. Rosa Mendes looks undeniably beautiful and this has to be one of the best shoots Rosa has ever produced! Kudos to her personality in her shots. Up next, the lovely Kaitlyn is smiling like a real Queen in her business-like clothing. Red and black really suits the All-American Diva and she looks utterly gorgeous here. Doesn’t that smile keep you breathless? It does to me! Finally, the vivacious, blonde bombshell is finally back to the Diva Focus as Kelly Kelly begins to show off her breathtaking smile and why she ranked high at Number 38 on Maxim! This photoshoot of hers is undeniably unique, rock-chick and super glamorous. Kudos to K2 for being original. Don’t you wish you were her?! So who graces the best shoot of the week?

Photoshoot Of The Week: July – Kelly Kelly (9/10) / Runner-Up: Rosa Mendes (8/10)



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