WWE Diva’ Maxine Reportedly Quits WWE?

Courtesy to PWInsider, “The One-To-Watch Queen Of Mean” Maxine, who’s been seen mostly on WWE NXT and a few Raw appearances has reportedly quit the company and is gone, according to WWE sources?! While others claim it is a possible rumour, the news have been circulating over Twitter and other dirt sheets online, suggesting she has left the WWE due to less opportunities in the squared circle.

The word backstage is that she had been “frustrated with a number of things in WWE, including not being offered a guaranteed deal and not having the chance to prove herself on TV beyond the WWE NXT level”. 

Maxine, real name Karlee Perez, signed a WWE developmental deal in 2009 at Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) and appeared on the third all-Divas season of NXT. She had a brief stint as the FCW Manager before eventually returning to the fifth season of NXT as part of the Redemption series; becoming involved in a love triangle with Derek Bateman and Johnny Curtis and feuding with the likes of AJ Lee, Tamina and Kaitlyn. Her latest appearance on WWE was at a Summertime Beach Divas Battle Royal (won by AJ) on the June 25th episode of RAW and her final singles match was a loss to Kaitlyn at NXT.

Here’s an inspiring read from one of our amazing fans online @Betd_ (be sure to FOLLOW him and @WWEDivaDesire on Twitter) talking about the recent departure of the lovely Maxine: “I think Maxine has potential, she plays great the role of a heel (if you have watched NXT, you probably should agree with me)  and is believable in that role, last nearly endless season of NXT she was one of the best things on the show”.

“WWE also has missed the boat with the Divas. As much as people like to bash that the Divas suck, it’s not the divas themselves to blame. WWE is. You can see that when they want to push a Diva, they forget that they have other divas willing to take the spotlight. Plus, those lame ass 30 seconds matches on TV (when they’re lucky these days to get a match on TV), just frustrates the hell out of the divas that feel that their work isn’t appreciated enough. Maxine with just 2 matches on her WWE career is now gone because of this. And don’t blame the other divas for that!”

My Thoughts: However her departure hasn’t been revealed through WWE.com, nor her official Twitter account so one could wonder whether the Queen Of Mean Diva has actually quit the company or not… but whatever happens, we wish the ultimate best for the amazing Diva who has honed her own craft and easily became memorable for her unique persona into play. It’s no surprise, seeing as WWE isn’t exactly renowned for its treatment of women. They seem to be headed in the right direction with AJ getting an actual character, along with the already established Vickie Guerrero, but we hope the best for Maxine and we respect her for that!


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