Backstage News On Kharma’s Return; Should She Turn Heel Or Face?

It’s no doubt that WWE’s Anti-Diva’ Kharma has been training very hard for her return to the squared circle after pregnancy, and the word is that she’s ready to come back but WWE Officials aren’t sure how to bring her in to the Divas Division. Some sources claim, that WWE want to bring her in as a “baby-face” Diva since she is highly over the WWE Universe. Officials also want Kharma and Beth Phoenix to feud (perhaps at WWE’s SummerSlam) but want to build up to the match over time and not rush into it.

Although, it was apparent that WWE scrapped an idea of putting Kharma into a match with The Bella Twins at Extreme Rules, instead of current Champion’ Layla – the Kharmatic Diva has opened up a new space and has worked out rather intensely with her personal trainer. But with the idea of turning Kharma as a “baby-face” Diva, is it the right to push her character forward or should she become a monstrous heel? Be sure to vote in the poll below to get your thoughts running!


2 thoughts on “Backstage News On Kharma’s Return; Should She Turn Heel Or Face?

  1. Whatever she is, heel or face, she will be supported by the fans. Unless I’m mistaken she got a pop from the fans even when she attacked face divas? I’m pretty sure she did. I think she’ll be face. I’ll love watching her no matter what.

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