WWE No Way Out Results: It’s Truly The Night Of AJ While Layla Retains The Butterfly Again!

Welcome to the WWE No Way Out DIVALICIOUS Review and what a day it has been! This Sunday has started off to being a rocking Father’s Day that has transformed into a special event you’d never forget. WWE treated us to a number of DIVALICIOUS segments of AJ Lee kissing WWE Champion’ CM Punk and former WHC Champion’ Daniel Bryan and even lip-locking the Big Red Monster Kane… but that didnt stop her from interfering the WWE Championship match and helping Punk win the contest, only to have her crazy arms in Kane. Also, Layla battled Beth Phoenix for the Divas Championship in a rematch which Phoenix had granted after knocking her off with the patented Glam-Slam for the win. But it was AJ’s night indeed after the chaotic events that have occurred (which includes a few Kharma Chants, Boring Chants, more YES! YES! YES! Chants and a lot more). Check out the highlights after the cut! 😀

We go to the ring and out first comes Beth Phoenix in black and bronze/dark gold gear. Beth is looking pretty amazing tonight! The WWE Divas Champion Layla is out next, sporting a new gear – stylised with blue and purple tones and comes out to her entrance flawlessly.

They go to lock up and Layla goes behind. They trade holds and go to the corner to break. Beth strikes with a big kick and a clothesline. Beth taunts Layla and says she can’t lace her boots. Beth yells at the fans also. Layla comes back but Beth catches her on her shoulders. Layla drops down and dropkicks her leg out. Layla mocks Beth now and impersonates her. Beth charges and Layla goes to the floor and runs back in the ring. Beth charges and Layla slams her face first. Layla goes for a kick to the head and Beth covers her head. Layla makes her jump before kicking her for a 2 count. Beth comes back and sends Layla out to the floor. Beth gets angry and tosses her into the barrier.

Beth brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. More back and forth. Beth with a backbreaker. She holds Layla over her knee and bends her back. Layla fights out with knees to the head. Beth goes for the Glam Slam but Layla fights out and slams down on Beth for a 2 count. Layla with another 2 count from a takedown. Layla with kicks to the head and a crossbody from the corner for another 2 count. Beth gets Layla up for a big powerslam and covers for 2. Beth presses Layla over her head and holds it. Layla turns it into a big DDT from up high for another pin attempt. Beth picks Layla up and rams her back into the corner. Layla comes back with a neckbreaker out of nowhere for the win.

Credit: WrestleNews.Com

Ratings: 2.5/5


3 thoughts on “WWE No Way Out Results: It’s Truly The Night Of AJ While Layla Retains The Butterfly Again!

  1. This match was okay… and just that. It made me feel a little bit sad that Layla tried (and I mean tried REALLY hard) to get the crowd going but it was just not gonna happen, specially after the comedy number she did when she took Beth’s tiara, for me it was kinda funny but not for the crowd, and it was worse because neither Beth (the most overrated diva by the Internet hardcore purists) and Layla (who’s paying the price for being the one returning instead of Kharma and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Layla) are over with the fans, and that’s the most important thing IMO. Forget about talent and workrate of the two ladies (which both are pretty good in the ring), people just didn’t want to see this match, for itself, it’s a handicap, but that’s when the ‘it’ factor has to appear and well, Layla is a great heel but I don’t think people buy her as the top babyface of the divas division and Beth even though she’s a good wrestler, lacks charisma, she’s good as a heel but she now her character is stale and she has been used in the title picture for nearly a year, people want to see other divas getting the chance, I mean, where’s Natalya, Tamina, and even Eve (who now with this Laurinaitis crap gone, I hope they use her in the ring now) or AJ for being title contenders? And I don’t mention Kelly since she’s off for a while.

    About the AJ involvement, I think the fact that after taking the bump in the match and smiling at CM Punk just makes things more intriguing… which is pretty good.

    I think No Way Out was from okay to a bad show overall.

  2. LMAO! ^ So true! I couldn’t agree more. I didnt like the match due to the weak chemistry and the poor crowd involvement! I did feel bad for Layla tho but we either need a new Divas Champion or a returning Kharma into the scene.

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