Jim Ross’ Thoughts On AJ Lee: “The Most Compelling, Interesting TV Persona”

There’s no doubt AJ has impressed us all with her main-event storyline with Daniel Bryan, Kane and CM Punk in the forthcoming of weeks but that didn’t stop Jim Ross noticing her recognition and impact as a Diva! On the latest blog entry on his official website, the legendary Jim Ross has published his thoughts on some of the talent in WWE FCW, his predictions on No Way Out and a complimentary feedback on WWE Diva and “Crazy Chick” AJ Lee. Here are the highlights:

Jim Ross stated: “AJ is arguably the most compelling/interesting new, WWE TV persona to come along in a a good while. She’s a provocative, girl next door, with ‘something’ not just ‘quite right’ and has her seat reserved to leave at any time on the ‘Crazy Train.”

My Thoughts: How sweet! We couldn’t be more proud of the success of AJ and her brilliance on TV that has excelled over the past few months. Its great to see a legend commenting on a Diva that has transformed into a dynamic bombshell, making an impact on the Divas Division as well as being WWE’s rising stars. And tonight in No Way Out… we can all hope the success continues and “big things” planned for the lovely AJ!


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