“Crazy Chick” AJ Plays With Fire… Is She The Biggest Threat To The WWE Champion?

It’s no secret that AJ is a “crazy chick” in CM Punk terms… the innocent spitfire may be possessed rather emotionally or twisted in a battle of a love triangle… AJ first laid her eyes on Daniel Bryan back in late 2011 and some claim, he was the reason of her emotional state. How did this happen? In the biggest league of all at WrestleMania 28, AJ’s kiss with Daniel Bryan led to the couple’s subsequent breakup that sent AJ into a tailspin, where she has continued to develop nerdy crushes on WWE’s top Superstars. From there, she had another innocent crush on WWE’s Champion; CM Punk, adopting the Straight Edge ghetto, supporting him in his matches and wearing his attires. Creepy enough already? Recently on RAW, AJ Lee took a spin, skipped around the ring, leaped a hop onto the Big Red Monster’ Kane and gave a kiss that shocked the world. Now… dats creepy yet ridiculously AH-MAZE-ING! Who could’ve thought young and beautiful AJ can do it all in just the nick of time?

WWE.com has written a report regarding the issue between AJ and her three admirers… stating: “AJ – the not-so-secret admirer of Punk and the unbalanced ex-girlfriend of Bryan – is a wild card in an already unpredictable situation. Will her infatuation with the champion or her abhorrence of the submission specialist come into play at the explosive pay-per-view? Maybe Punk’s greatest threat isn’t a “Yes!” or a chokeslam, but a woman scorned.” Looks like AJ is indeed the biggest threat to the current WWE Champion, what are your thoughts?!


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