WWE RAW Review: Beth Phoenix Continues Her Dominance While AJ Locks Lips With Kane!

Welcome to yet another edition of the WWE Raw Review where I, Steph will give you an insight of what happened on the three hour RAW last night. In the awkward and insanely awesome night, Divas Champion Layla returned to our screens and teamed with U.S Champion’ Santino Marella against the duo of Ricardo Rodrigues and the dominant powerhouse’ Beth Phoenix! Also on this night, AJ led to another appearance on the Red brand as she lock lips with the big red monster; Kane! Find out what happened now!

Santino wants to start while Ricardo is on the apron. Beth wants Santino in the ring and she doesn’t care who she faces. The women start and Layla with a waist lock and side head lock. Layla kicks Ricardo’s hand away and Ricardo comes in but Layla kicks Ricardo down. Beth with a chop and kick to the back. Ricardo tags in while Beth hits a slingshot suplex. Ricardo takes off his jacket and he turns around to see Santino and he tags Beth back into the match. Beth tells Ricardo to stay out of the ring. Layla with a kick and forearms. Beth with an Irish whip but Layla with a cross body for a near fall.

Layla with a flying clothesline and then she sends Beth to the mat by her hair. Beth with a kick and then Layla sends Ricardo to the floor with a head scissors. Santino gets the cobra ready but Ricardo runs into the ring post.Back in the ring Beth sends Layla’s leg into the ropes and kicks it followed by the Glam Slam for the three count.

Credit: http://bethphoenixonline.net/

In addition, be sure to watch the lovely and innocent AJ Lee dance around the ring, hops her way up on Kane and gives one brutal kiss you can never forget! OMG! U can finally proclaim that as the “Shocker Moment Of The Year” – Folks… AJ won a Slammy already and boy she should?! This love-triangle storyline is becoming weirder than ever! So bizarre! YES! YES! YES!



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