WWE.com’s Young Lioness… Maxine “Time To Become The New Queen?”

WWE.com has written a new article titled “Young Lions Of WWE” and chosen their hot picks on those who suit best at becoming the new King or in this case… Queen of the squared circle! Maxine is the only “lioness” listed in the new article as this is certainly a must-read!

WWE.com wrote: “As new Divas Champion Layla’s shocking return confirmed, anything can happen in WWE’s Divas division. Perhaps the timing has never been better for an up-and-coming beauty to emerge into prominence. And that femme fatale is Maxine. Dazzling, calculating and volatile, Maxine is a no-nonsense Diva who gets what she wants. After a successful run on WWE NXT, the foul-tempered bombshell debuted on Raw SuperShow on May 7.”

Although at a glance she appears beautiful and composed, Maxine is a fierce and feral beast inside the squared circle – and often outside, too. She fights dirty, screaming and pulling hair, and many opponents have learned the hard way that once she locks in her Dragon Sleeper finisher, it’s lights out. When Maxine can’t get what she wants in the ring, she has shown no hesitation to use her feminine wiles to manipulate men, as Derrick Bateman, Johnny Curtis and William Regal have all fallen under her spell.”

“Without a doubt, Maxine will go on to utilize her varied talents on Raw, live up to her great potential and make her mark in the Divas division. As her entrance music declares, “If you want it, come and get it.”

Check out the video MV below to see more of Maxine’s dangerous antics in the ring – she’s certainly a lethal Queen of Mean by the looks of it, but she’s ready to cast anybody under her wicked spell! But as Maxine would say… “The only place for me – is at the top” and thats so true! #GottaLoveMaxine!




2 thoughts on “WWE.com’s Young Lioness… Maxine “Time To Become The New Queen?”

  1. Maxine has a lot of potential to be one day the top heel diva of the WWE if they use her properly. Granted she’s still green, but she can portray a heel very naturally and as far as her in ring work, I think she relies a lot on submission holds that can be seen as rest holds for most of the match, but that’s something that can be worked on as far as her career goes on.

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