WWE RAW: Beth’s Glam Streak Continues On A FLAWLESS Night Of Foxy!

Well Hello there WWE Universe, and welcome to another edition of the WWE Raw Review, where I (Steph) will give you the latest scoop and run through the Divas Division and their matches on a weekly basis. This week, WWE treated us to a Diva match between Miss Foxy’ Alicia Fox (I need my hands on that furry hood) and The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix! Layla also made an appearance tonight, so find out what happened below!

We are back from break and our very FOXY Alicia Fox is in the ring, wagging her fierce tail and ready for some Diva action! Beth Phoenix comes next as she hits her signature pose, waiting to feed off the Glamslam on Miss Foxy. The bell rings and the two Divas begin to go back and fourth with numerous reversals, until Beth hits a big clothesline. WWE Divas Champion Layla comes out and watches from the arena as Beth beats Alicia down in the corner. Layla is looking two words… FLAW-LESS! Beth presses Alicia high over her head and tosses her to the mat before hitting the Glam Slam for the win, while staring at Layla. After the match, Beth grabs Alicia but Layla runs down to the ring for the save. Layla face plants Beth, sending out of the ring.

Also, be sure to check out the backstage fallout video after RAW where Layla claims she is ‘sick’ of her Over The Limit opponent; Beth Phoenix! Watch below 😀

My Thoughts: Not the best match or the weakest but this surely was a good back and fourth action between the two talented Divas; although it was very short to say the least! But I do have to admit, the finish was fun and the chemistry between Foxy and Miss Glam was awesome to watch! As I continue talking about Foxy’s furry hood over Twitter, Layla also impressed me tonight – proving she cannot wait to kick some major FLAW-LESS booty at this Sunday’s Over The Limit and honestly.. I can’t wait too!



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