WWE SmackDown: Two BFF’s Clash While AJ Goes Geek Goddess To Geek Heartbreak

Woot Woot! Hey, Hey! My name is Steph (Yes, follow me on Twitter at @StephMCK2) and WELCOME to the WWE Divalicious SmackDown review where besties turned enemies finally clash in the titans (wait… what the hell I’m I saying, gotta stop watching movies…!) Anyhoo, on this week SmackDown, the former Chickbusting’ Duo of AJ Lee and Kaitlyn are on to face tonight  due to the previous ‘Happy-Go-Slappy’ segments backstage where AJ b*tch-slapped Kaitlyn to the ground 2x! Find out who won the match by watching the video now! Hurry! 😀

”Lets Light it Up!” AJ Lee’s theme song hits the arena and out comes our Geek Goddess… who is looking depressed after recent slap encounters with former BBF Kaitlyn, and her heartbreak over bad boy YES man’ Daniel Bryan! Kaitlyn is out next looking as vibrant as ever in maroon red as she is ready to take on her new nemesis. The bell rings and AJ dominates with early encounter after hitting a Thesz Press. Nice! AJ takes Kaitlyn down again and punches her poor friend. OUCH! Poor Kaitlyn… AJ goes for drop kick to the knee and a running knee to the head for the three count. AJ Lee wins the match and attacks Kaitlyn immediately.

While AJ is going full BEASTMODE and continued her assault on her former BFF, the Mr. Yes man’ Daniel Bryan’s music plays and makes his way to the ring, ”YES’ing” down the ramp. Loads of YES chants fill the void from the dead crowd… Daniel has a mic and he tells AJ that he was impressed with her passion. He didn’t know that she could be so… ”ruthless” with her best friend nonetheless. He continues to play with AJ’s feelings and lets her know that ”if she wanted to send him a message, he got it”. Daniel states that he is seeing AJ in a new light and there has been so much angst and tension between them since Wrestlemania. D-Bry is ready to move past it all and after he becomes the ‘new’ WWE Champion at Over the Limit, he is looking forward to moving on… to Kaitlyn. ‘Gasp!’ Daniel chuckles at his heartbreaking comment while AJ’s look could penetrate through steel. An upset AJ exits the ring without a word, leaving the former World Heavyweight Champion free and clear to begin an impromptu “Yes!” chant.

Also, be sure to check out more love-triangle scenes between the beautiful Aksana, SMEXI Antonio Cesaro and heartbroken Teddy Long. Very exciting stuff… now where’s my tissue box to hide my tears!

My Thoughts: Tonight’s SmackDown was decent to say the least and as far as the Divas go, AJ Lee’s storyline with D-Bry and Kaitlyn continued to impress me over recent weeks. The match between the two BFF’s was okay to say the least, but I know that these girls can put on a better match if only it lasted more than 1 minute. But I have to admit, AJ did make me go ‘YES! YES! YES!’ after seeing a new side into her character so props to her! Kaitlyn did well tonight and did sell those punches well! I am loving this storyline more than anything so far! Thank God!


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