May 10th – 243 AH-MAZE-ING Views On WWEDivaDesire! Yay Us!

Wow, just wanted you guys to come across this and let you know that our Diva MV Of The Month post on Rosa Mendes featured positive feedback, praise and excellence from our Diva-Desiring viewers and audiences worldwide and we can’t thank you enough! We even got 243 views on one post (It may not be enough to some but to me, it’s utterly amazing to say the least!) Me (@StephMCK2) and Alex (@xBellasK2Mickie) were in huge excitement to get various tweets, retweets, favourites and follows from a huge number of the Women of Wrestling around the world including the likes of Rosa Mendes, Ashley, Mickie James and so much more! We really appreciate the support you guys gave us and we hope our site becomes a huge success and get hosted! Feel free to comment in any post as we want to hear from you… either on here or on Twitter! Don’t hesitate! Time to party… Woot Woot! (:


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