Breaking News: It’s official! The Bella Twins are gone… is reporting that the now former Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki have been “fired” from WWE. In reality, as reported a few weeks ago, the twins’ contracts expire yesterday — April 30th — and they’ve opted not to renew. They have since commented on their WWE departure via Twitter.

The beautiful twins tweeted: “Bella’s have left the building… Happy ending at the Nutter center??? Well at least we finished it off! #ByeByeBellas”

Through storyline, WWE has released a video of Executive Administrator Eve Torres ‘firing’ the Bella Twins, following their Divas Championship match on Raw.

In the clip, Eve says that she reviewed their contracts and noticed that they were coming to an end (which is true), and due to “the economy not being so hot and budget cuts”, she was firing them. Of course, this is just a storyline explanation for their departure. As reported, the Bellas’ contracts expire today (April 30th) and they’ve decided to leave WWE.

Additionally, a number of WWE Divas from past and present including Kelly Kelly, Eve and Natalya took time to Twitter and weighed in on The Bella Twins’ departure from WWE. Also, former WWE Diva and current TNA star Tara; real name Lisa Marie Varon, commented on the Bella Twins’ WWE departure; thanks to Diva Dirt. Lisa said: “I wish them the best! They are very talented.”

Source: Diva-Dirt

Our Thoughts: Best of luck to The Bella Twins! It’s very sad to see them let go as their contracts expired respectively! Brie and Nikki certainly impressed us on their mic skills and in ring abilities! Brie previously won the Divas Championship on April last year and it was great to see Nikki net the butterfly this year. However, tomorrow on Wednesday, Brie and Nikki will comment on their departure on their website at to see what’s next for the #BellaArmy! 🙂


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