WWE SmackDown: A Short Divas Match As AJ Steals The Show

We return from a break as suddenly see Alicia Fox and Natalya dance and twirl so beautifully around the ring with the “Punjabi Playboy” The Great Khali. Does Khali still have that gimmick? Oh well… We then discover that this will be a six person mixed tag match as Alicia, Natalya and Khali will face against Drew McIntyre and The Bella Twins! The match begins with Khali and Drew starting things out with a lock up. Khali shoves him back and beats him in the head, which eventually leads McIntyre to tag in Nikki Bella. He then leaves the ring, the Bellas are stunned and claims he is better than this!

Khali tags in Miss Foxy as Nikki and Alicia both run into the ring with an amazing-looking double facebuster from one half of the lovable Bella! Nikki lifts Alicia for a bodyslam, but Alicia escapes the hold and counters into a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex for a quick pin victory. Alicia is super excited as you can tell after her win as she celebrates with her tag team partners. Natalya looks stunning too! The Bellas are pissed for their loss as Alicia, Nattie and Khali continues to dance up the ramp but suddenly a familiar theme hits and out comes Hall Of Fame, Class of 2008 Legend; Mae Young! Mae walks out from the back and shakes her hips, as Khali steps down to one knee due to her kicking his leg and the two make out! Gross but cute! Natalya and Alicia continues to celebrate with an adorable hug for Mae! Oh, how I love Mae Young!

Also we see a beautiful and breathtaking segment between HOF Legend;Roddy Piper, bad boy “YES” man Daniel Bryan and our Geek-Goddess AJ Lee which really blew my mind away. This encounter made me go YES! YES! YES! after AJ went on the mic and gave her thoughts between her relationship with her ex partner Daniel Bryan and her friendly ecounter with Piper! The spunky spitfire named AJ states “that the whole drama itself is all her fault” and blames herself for the break-up. She “wants to have a talk with D-Bry” to settle things as Roddy Pipers tries to console her by giving hints not to trust him after all the hurtful things Bryan said to her. AJ leaves the ring after Bryan forces her to do so to show how much she loves him. Poor AJ! This segment is truly one of the best I have seen in a long time!

My Thoughts: As for the Divas match, it was really short and whole match itself lasted almost 3 minutes. However, I really enjoyed it after the Divas tribal and  funny dance with Khali alongside with Mae’s kissing appearance! But what really stole the show completely was the Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee and Roddy Piper segment which blew my mind away! AJ continued to impress me on the mic and portray her innocence on the Piper’s Pit and Daniel would play the bad guy who cared less. I loved the whole encounter and the in-ring segment itself which really my day. Props to AJ for giving me the best day I could possibly think of! #Ah-Mazing!


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