Update on WWE Layla’s Return

Rumors have speculated that WWE’s Flawless Diva Layla will return to TV once RAW and SmackDown return from the current overseas tour. Layla previously became injured in May 2011 due to a legitimate torn in both her Anterior cruciate and Medial collateral ligaments in her legs which required sugery. However, Layla made her in-ring return at an Florida Championship Wrestling taping on 22 March 2012 in a tag team match where she teamed with Audrey Marie. Layla was told she had impressed a vast majority of the WWE Officials and they are willing to have her back into the wrestling scene once she fully recovers after the Overseas tours in April.

PWInsider and LordsOfPain reports that Layla El is due to have a heavy “push” by the WWE as Vince McMahon is said to be “high” on our English Muffin Diva. Following up this report, another romour have spread that Layla will perhaps find an ally in Zack Ryder and feud with Eve Torres once she eventually returns.


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