SmackDown Diva Review: AJ Battles Double Trouble!

Hiya guys! Welcome to the WWE SmackDown Diva Review at the 17th March 2012 as Brie Bella takes on Nikki Bella in a Divas treat you will never forget! Find out who won below! Also on SmackDown, we see a brief appearance from the lovable Askana in Christian’s returning “Peep Show” as well as a backstage segment between AJ and Daniel Bryan!

We head out to the arena and see the Bella Twins walk out in their signature pose as as Lilian Garcia announces that Nikki will be ompeting tonight. We suddenly hear “Let’s  light it up” and out comes AJ Lee who skips beautifully in her trademark red plaid. Once in the ring, Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he walks out to stand in her corner and as the bell rings, he orders her to pay extra attention to the devious twins. Nikki Bella gets on her knees to imitate AJ’s unfortunate height disadvantage, as AJ Lee leaps up with a sick-looking front dropkick! Good stuff!

Nikki quickly slides to the corner and slams AJ’s face into the turnbuckle before scoring with a neck snap for a two count. Nikki grabs AJ by the wrists and stands on her hair while pulling up, lifting her into the air. Ouch! Nikki connects an impressive submission hold which AJ struggles, as she tries to fight it out. Nikki sends AJ off the ropes, as she slides through the legs and scores with a nice roundhouse spin kick! Nikki sends AJ into the corner this time, as AJ  gives her a boot to the chest and leap onto the top rope. Up she goes, and the spitfire Geek Goddess flies off with a crossbody that doesn’t fully connect, but who cares!

Nikki holds onto the ropes as AJ tries to pull her off, but the referee then stops her as sneaky Bellas try to switch. Daniel quickly jumps onto the apron and screams to the referee that they’re trying to switch places, and the ref immediately puts a stop to it. Brie is pissed! Nikki begins to start screaming at Bryan, which allows Brie to leap onto the apron and shove AJ by the hair. Nikki tries to connect a sidewalk slam but AJ reverses into an amazing headscissors roll up for the three count! AJ is happy with her win, the fans cheers for her as  Daniel Bryan hops to the apron and screams “Yes, Yes, Yes” as if he won the match instead!

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this match overall. Although it was short, AJ really impressed me with her moves. She’s a star in the making and a Divas Championship title shot should be up for grabs for this unique Diva! The Bella Twins looked really amazing and did perform well! I really want AJ and Daniel’s current “love-abuse” storyline to continue at WrestleMania and lead AJ to turn on Daniel. That would be amazing!


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