WWE Divas: This Week In Eye Candy – AJ, Maxine & Aksana

Woohoo!!! It’s Saturday and welcome to another hot PHOTO edition of the WWE Divas! As WrestleMania 28 is looming around the corner, the WWE have treated us with a St. Patrick’s Day Diva Inspired Photo Op! This week in eye-candy, we have the Stunning SmackDown’s Resident; Askana – who appears in the Diva Focus twice in a row, the Beautiful Self-Admitted “Nerd”; AJ Lee – who smiles her way to the top and NXT’s Ravishing Queen Of Mean; Maxine – who is looks very stunning indeed! With these three photoshoots and great additions to the Diva Focus, I promise you… it will be beautiful, natural and simply green… Want to see the photoshoot now, go to http://www.wwe.com/superstars/divas/divas/diva-focus-st-paddys-day-photos

Now, lets get it down to judging! The 1st photoshoot we have is from the beautiful Aksana who poses with elegance and style which can be noticed easily. Right of the bat, Aksana wins the WWE Universe’s heart once again with her breathtaking photos. The girl knows how to “work it” with a number of versatility and glamour mixed into one. Teddy Long is a lucky man! Next, we have the equally stunning AJ Lee who seems very innocent indeed. But she gets points for making her photoshoot unique as it can be noted that her look and persona is different to the other Divas. Wnat I like most about her photoshoot is her beautiful trident smile that never seems to fade away! Finally, we have the fabulous and one of the hottest Divas today; Maxine who looks so #SEXY and #DYNAMIC in her shots! Her photos are so pleasing to look at… it gives a sense of awe-inspiring detail as her images are utilised incredibly. Maxine always dominates her photoshoots and it’s clear that her photoshoot is a must see!!!

So each week, I will highlight the new Diva photoshoots on a Saturday and unveil the rightful winner of the most popular photoshoot of the week. At the end of the month, I will take the weekly winners and determine the month’s most popular photoshoot. Last month’s winner of Feburary 2012 was The Bella Twins with their new “Twice As Nice Diva Of The Month” photoshoot for WWE Magazine. Last week, the winner was none other than Kelly Kelly with her “Diva Of The Month” Bikini Pictorial! This week, the winner is Maxine and her new photoshoot will be featured in the “Photoshoot of the Month” breakdown at the end of March. ♥♥♥

Photoshoot Of The Week / Winner: Maxine
Runner Up: AJ Lee
Last Week Winners: Kelly Kelly and Askana


One thought on “WWE Divas: This Week In Eye Candy – AJ, Maxine & Aksana

  1. Gawsh I love Maxine’s photoshoot the most!!! x 10/10 for Maxine, 8/10 for AJ and 7/10 for Askana IMO! All girls did great! x Hpe we see new photoshoots for Eve, Kaitlyn and Beth Phoenix next week!

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