WrestleMania 28 Preview: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos Vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve

It’s official! The host of NBC’s Extra; Maria Menounos is stepping back into the squared circle for the third time, as she will team up with stunning Kelly Kelly to take on Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres at WrestleMania XXVIII on April 1st, 2012. Previously, Maria Menounos, who scored a shocking victory over The Glamazon in an Eight-Diva Tag Team Match at WWE Tribute to the Troops 2011, will face her toughest challenge yet in Miami, as both Beth and Eve wants to teach a brutal lesson that the WWE Universe will never forget! After weeks of no showings on Raw and SmackDown, The Glamazon has claimed in an exclusive WWE Interview that “Maria doesn’t respect the WWE Divas Champion.”

Just recently, Beth Phoenix and Eve flew to L.A and crashed the set of Extra, during a Kelly Kelly interview. Soon things got physical between Menounos and Phoenix before being pulled off by security. But, Beth did not hesitate when she revealed that she would like to face Maria at WrestleMania in a Tag Team Match in which Maria would quicklu accept Beth’s challenge. For months, Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres have dominated the Divas Division in recent weeks – Beth is currently Divas Champion for 5 months and counting while Eve changed her innocent persona into a villianous character. However, one of their shining opponents; Kelly Kelly is the Diva who is most embraced by the media along with her KCA Nomination for “Favourite Buttkicker” and gracing the front and back cover of Maxim Magazine. Perhaps, this caused the idea behind the new upcoming Divas Match along with the “history of celebrity involvement in WM history” and the rivalry between Maria and Beth Phoenix.

But the question is, will Menounos be able to prove the dominant duo wrong? Can Kelly Kelly humble Eve with physical punishment rather than a twitter war? Expect both scores to be settled at WrestleMania XXVIII. So, Miami Florida… BRING ON THE HEAT!

My Thoughts: It may not be the match we all want to see, as a vast majority of people dislike Maria Menounos or the fact that WWE chose a celebrity to take a Divas spot (including Natalya and Alicia Fox), but we should be happy that there is a Divas Match on the card and after all, it is not left as a Dark Match. I disliked the idea which was created by WWE Officials at first but now I feel quite happy that there is a Divas Match and that they chose three Top Divas who are showcased in the event with no random pairings. I also think Natalya and Layla would make a better addition! However, it’s traditon that there is a Celebrity involved and a Divas Match to take place at WrestleMania, and the last interesting Divas Match we have seen in a while was between Trish Stratus and Mickie James at WM22; back in 2006. We can only hope that this year’s Diva Match would be a treat to see, as Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres will finally enjoy their WrestleMania moment along with Beth Phoenix!


One thought on “WrestleMania 28 Preview: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos Vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve

  1. Although it isn’t the match we all want to see but let’s take it for what it’s worth. It could have been much worse: the Divas could have been given the dark match spot or left off the card in general! We should be happy that the three revelant divas are involved in the storyline. No disrespect to Maria, but she really needs to learn a lot of moves to prove us all wrong. I also think Layla, Kharma, Alicia Fox and Natalya deserve their WrestleMania spot too. We should now hope that this feud develops much better than last years. Only time will tell…

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