New WrestleMania Match for the WWE Divas!

Thanks to, WWE has announced that there will be “Breaking News” on the latest episode of Extra TV with Maria Menounos and WWE Divas Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. But, during the WWE-themed appearance on Extra today, a new match for WrestleMania was set up immediately, and us Diva Fans may be happy (or maybe “not” for some), After all, the Divas Champion Beth Phoenix will team with Eve to take on the team of Kelly Kelly and Extra’s Maria Menounos. For those who don’t know Maria, she has has made multiple appearances for WWE in the past; back in 2009 and most recently Tribute To the Troops 2011, taking part in Divas matches and even pinning Beth Phoenix!

Yes, this is not the sort of match we all want to see, but let’s take it for what it’s worth. It could have been much worse: the Divas could have been given the dark match spot or left off the card in general! So at least, we should be happy that we have a Divas Match at WrestleMania. Sure, Maria doesn’t belong in the ring and shouldn’t compete but she does have potential! Are you looking forward to this match?


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