WWE Raw Divas Review: Beth Admires Eve’s New Character

Hey people!!! Welcome to another edition of the Raw Divas Review as we had tons of Diva moments in one night! Can you believe it? I can’t. Although there was no Divas Match at RAW, but instead at WWE Superstars, Eve and Beth Phoenix were spotted backstage, sharing a brief chat together, while both AJ and Aksana were involved in various segments and managerial roles throughout the night. And, also we saw Naomi and Cameron return to TV alongside Mr “Better Call My Momma” Funkasaurus; Brodus Clay! Yay!!!

First, We see an upcoming interview from “Extra” with Maria Menounos talking to The Bella Twins and Alicia Fox about WrestleMania. We suddenly see some clips show of Maria’s past experiences in the ring where she wrestled one of the Bellas and pinned Beth Phoenix (I wonder…), before we see the beautiful red hot Bella Twins who discusses how they hope to see the Divas featured at WrestleMania 28. Miss Foxy; Alicia Fox comes into the scene and discusses how she’s trying to find the right ring gear for the grand show! Awwwh bless A-Fox! Maria Menounos asks their thoughts on Cena/Rock until the interview is over.

Suddenly, we see the vivacious Eve Torres heading towards backstage with her hand on her hip, strutting around in unique fashion until Zack Ryder stops her out of nowhere. Woah! Zack claims that when she kissed him last week, he felt something that he never felt before, but questions why she has ignored him since their “passionate” kiss? (Hello Zack… Eve’s playing with your feelings again!) Eve replies saying that she’s not playing him, rather he’s playing himself and they should be friends “with benefits”! Woah.. again! Eve wonders if he would like to have dinner with Eve after the show, and he immediately agrees before being interrupted by our Reigning Divas; Beth Phoenix! Finally, we see The Glamazon at a taping of RAW! Wooohooo!!!

Beth Phoenix says that she can’t believe Alicia Fox and the Bella Twins were on Extra instead of her. Beth continues saying that Maria Menounos keeps showing up in WWE, and perhaps she should pay her a visit to Extra… Oh no, please don’t tell me that WWE may be planning Beth vs Maria at WrestleMania. Eve replies saying that in that Beth’s idea is actually not bad, before asking Ryder to leave. Beth says that she’s been meaning to tell Eve that she loves how she is able to control Zack Ryder, asking if Eve would mind if Ryder was smitten for Beth? Eve actually informs Beth that she WOULD mind, before walking off and leaving the Divas Champion to stare off in the distance. #WTF

Also, We saw AJ Lee get tormented by her “boyfriend” Daniel Bryan… “the poor thing”. a fabulous performance from Naomi and Cameron Lynn as well as Aksana dancing and managing Santino Marella!

My Thoughts: This was overall a good, but okay episode of RAW and even though there was no Divas Match, I kinda enjoyed it! We can tell that the Kelly and Eve feud may not happen now as there was no storyline build up and instead we are treated to a promo on Maria Menounos which immediately suggests that she has a role at WrestleMania which will include Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. However, it seems that out beloved Kelly Kelly will get involved as she has an Interview on Extra with Maria this week.


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