WWE Divas: This Week In Eye-Candy

It’s Saturday and welcome to another explosive hot PHOTO edition of the WWE Divas! March has begun and WWE has wrapped up THREE weekly Stunning Photoshoots as this week in eye-candy, we have the beautiful SmackDown’s Resident; Askana – who is a vision in Black and White, The A-Fox Predator; Alicia Fox – who is wild and free and Ring Announcer; Lilian Garcia – who is pretty in PINK! Once again, Alicia Fox has another photoshoot but what the heck, she knows how to mix some Style and some Class! With these three photoshoots, I promise you… it will be classy, elegant and simply beautiful… Want to see the photoshoot now, go to http://www.wwe.com/inside/diva-focus-2012-03-10-photos

Now, lets get it down to judging! The 1st photoshoot we have is from the sultry Aksana who creates a mix of beauty and elegance which is captured in her photos. The girl looks utterly amazing as the photos are shot in black and white which makes her shoot even more interesting! Aksana gets points for making her photoshoot unique! Next, we have the stunning Alicia Fox who seems to be the  WWE’s second Diva Focus’s favourite Diva as this is her fifth shoot in this year! But who cares, Miss Foxy knows how to work it in style as she showcases various poses in her #MELLOWYELLOW dress and proves that beauty, fashion and brawns is a key to success. Her shoot proves this as she dons a natural look. Finally, we have the fabulous announcer; Lilian Garcia who looks so #PRETTY in Pink! Lilian looks so adorable in her dress and you can easily notice that in her shots. I like the fact that she’s playful with the shoot which makes it less boring and something that’s truly unique!

So each week, I will highlight the new Diva photoshoots on a Saturday and unveil the rightful winner of the most popular photoshoot of the week. At the end of the month, I will take the weekly winners and determine the month’s most popular photoshoot. Last month’s winner of Feburary 2012 was The Bella Twins with their new “Twice As Nice Diva Of The Month” photoshoot for WWE Magazine. This week, the winner is Aksana and her new photoshoot will be featured in the “Photoshoot of the Month” breakdown at the end of March. ♥♥♥

Photoshoot Of The Week / Winner: Askana
Runner Up: Lilian Garcia

AksanaAlicia FoxLilian Garcia


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