The WWE Diva RAW Review: Eve Continues The Mind Games

Welcome to a sizzling, hot edition of WWE’s Monday Night Raw: Divas Review! And where to even begin in this incredible night thus far. I’ll be honest, although the match was short, it was really cool to see how Eve is playing mind games with several Divas and Superstars… and yes I am talking about her smirk towards the beautiful K2 and her “passionate” backstage kiss with former U.S Champion; Zack Ryder! Not only that, but we got to see brief appearances from cougarlicious Vickie Guerrero and SmackDown’s Askana, AJ Lee and Alicia Fox. Tonight, miss A-Fox Predator; Alicia Fox (yes I got that from very hot Randy Orton, don’t wori – he doesn’t mind) taking on feral, divalicious foe named Eve Torres (who is so not a HOESKI, well kinda).

“PA-PA-PA-PARTAAYYY” – Alicia Fox’s theme song appears out of nowhere, the crowd doesn’t seem dead and they better not since Miss Foxy is on my telly (YAY ME, maybe WWE did notice that Alicia Fox has trended worldwide at RAW last week) and suddenly we see Kelly Kelly who looks really beautiful and natural as she’s on guest commentary for the Divas upcoming match! I love Kelly’s hair… girl is rocking the look as usual in a simple Black Dress! K2 got some serious style! Jerry Lawler and Kelly talk about her KCA’s “Favourite Buttkicker” nomination and she’s really proud for it and clearly want some VOTES!

“She Looks Good To Me”Eve Torres walks out, smirking, laughing and looks beautiful at the same time while the fans scream “HOESKI” and chant loud BOO’s. Is it just me or do I find her “evil, cocky” laugh so amazing! Alicia and Eve look eye to eye and first exchange holds, until Alicia is sent off to the ropes and taken down with a shoulder block. Alicia bends down at her feet when Eve runs everywhere. The Torres to the Eve hops over her Alicia’s Monkey Flip type move but walks right into Foxy’s split legged arm drag! Eve lands on the rope, Alicia goes for a big boot to the back but Eve ducks and hits a reverse spinning kick to one of Foxy’s long legs. Eve quickly goes for the cover and pin Alicia for the three count.

Eve celebrates her win, moves to the beautiful Kelly Kelly and smiles at her, with Alicia in the middle of both who’s totally in #BEASTMODE! However Eve’s celebration is cut short after 10 seconds when “Woo Woo Woo” Zack Ryder comes out with a cane and says he’s “glad that they never hooked up”. Eve is upset while the fan boos the hell out of Eve with “Hoeski” chants. Oh no they didn’t!

Hoeski Over Broski? We see Zack Ryder walking backstage in what seems to be the parking lot, until he is stopped by Eve Torres. She claims that she has something to tell him, before quickly kissing him for 15 seconds. His cane drops to the floor, the fans actually cheers while the beautiful yet heartbreaking Eve walks away with a manipulative smile on her face. Zack looks VERY happy, unaware that the so-called “HOESKI” played with his emotions AGAIN! The guy needs serious help! #JustSaying!

My Thoughts: First of all, the match was okay but I know for sure… after watching both girls wrestle for a minute or so, Alicia Fox and Eve Torres has fantastic chemistry in the ring. If only the timing were longer and Eve finally comes up with a new finisher, the match would go on to be solid but I guess WWE doesn’t want their Divas stealing the spotlight. Second, seeing Kelly Kelly on commentary was a good thing because not only did she promote her KCA’s nomination success but her upcoming fued with Eve is growing and developing. I think their fued will be epic, much better than the rivalries we have seen before. But, once again, there was no showing for Divas Champion; Beth Phoenix which kinda sucks but she’s boring as Champ. This may prove that Beth may not be having a match at Mania’ (damn WWE) but who cares… at least we have a storyline between Miss Eve and Miss K2!


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